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Private proposals in London

For those in pursuit of an intimate and exclusive moment, London unfolds an array of unforgettable options.

A private & intimate proposal in London

As you take the momentous step of asking your partner to marry you in London, consider how to make it intimate yet unforgettable. Ultimately, it’s your love story against the backdrop of this captivating city.

Imagine proposing with a view of London’s iconic landmarks, like the Tower Bridge or the Shard, without being engulfed by a sea of tourists. We have the solution to transform your dream proposal into a reality.

Our network of proposal planners in London specializes in bringing unique ideas to life. These experts are dedicated to ensuring your proposal is unforgettable and stress-free. Proposing is a significant moment in itself, and doing it in a foreign city can add complexity. However, from conceptual planning to execution and enchanting decorations, our planners are well-versed in it all.

For a romantic and intimate proposal

Consider envisioning how you’d like this memorable occasion to unfold against the distinctive backdrop of London’s vibrant cityscape. Is there a desire for a skilled photographer to capture this moment for posterity? What about the adornments? Would you like your cherished ones to be part of this significant event? Perhaps a celebratory drink at a nearby landmark to follow?

When it comes to expressing your love amidst London’s cultural richness, the possibilities are boundless, and we believe that no idea is too unique. We have a dedicated planner committed to turning your vision into reality within the city’s diverse cultural landscape, irrespective of your budget—whether it be high-end, mid-range, or more modest. Additionally, our expert planner will ensure every detail is meticulously executed, leaving you to savor and relish this unforgettable moment.


Rooftop Proposal

Escape the crowds and ascend to a private rooftop terrace with stunning views of London. Under the starry sky, propose in an intimate setting adorned with candles and flowers.

Banks of London

Reserve a private section of a historic London palazzo for an opulent and intimate proposal. Enjoy the elegance of London for your special moment.

Private boat

Embark on an intimate boat ride along the Thames for your proposal, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of London. Get a personalized experience now.

Private covent garden

Witness the magic of London at sunrise with an intimate proposal on the Tower Bridge. Enjoy the breathtaking views and tranquility as you pop the question.

Intimate Picnic

Plan a surprise picnic in the picturesque Greenwich Park. A hidden spot with stunning views of London sets the stage for a private proposal under the open sky.