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Atypical proposals in London

The best atypical proposals in London, for all budgets, on all dates.

An atypical proposal in London

Choosing an atypical proposal in the vibrant city of London adds an element of surprise and uniqueness to the milestone moment. Amidst the iconic landmarks and bustling streets, an unconventional proposal can stand out as a testament to the distinctive character of the couple and their journey. London’s diverse and eclectic atmosphere offers a myriad of unconventional settings—from hidden gardens and historic bookshops to trendy rooftop bars or the captivating street art of Shoreditch. Opting for an atypical proposal in London means transcending traditional expectations and crafting a narrative that is exclusively yours. The city’s dynamic energy and cultural richness provide an ideal backdrop for a proposal that breaks free from the ordinary, creating an unforgettable memory that reflects the adventurous spirit of a relationship ready to embrace the unexpected twists and turns of life together. Proposing in an atypical London setting allows for a personal touch, transforming the proposal into a story that uniquely captures the essence of the couple and their shared love amidst the vibrant tapestry of this cosmopolitan metropolis.

Organize your atypical proposal

Organizing an atypical proposal is an artful endeavor that allows for the creation of a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Breaking away from the conventional, atypical proposals require careful consideration of the couple’s shared interests, passions, and the distinctive facets of their relationship. 

Whether it involves orchestrating a surprise in an offbeat location, incorporating personalized elements that reflect inside jokes or shared memories, or choosing a theme that resonates with the couple’s story, the planning process becomes an opportunity for creativity and thoughtfulness. From selecting an unconventional venue like a hidden gem in nature or an artsy urban space to devising unexpected twists, such as involving close friends or family, organizing an atypical proposal is about crafting a moment that authentically mirrors the essence of the relationship. 


Hot Air Balloon

Arrange for a private hot air balloon ride over London’s skyline during sunrise or sunset. Pop the question as you both enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Street Art Scavenger

Organize a scavenger hunt through London’s vibrant street art districts like Shoreditch. Each mural or artwork can hold a clue, for a wonderful proposal.

Private Rooftop Garden

Rent a rooftop garden space in London and transform it into a private oasis with flowers, fairy lights, and candles. Propose with the cityscape as your backdrop.

Historical Venue

Arrange a private overnight stay at a historic venue, such as a castle or a unique museum. Propose in a setting filled with history, surrounded by artifacts.

Escape Room

Plan a surprise engagement within an escape room experience. Work together to solve puzzles, and as the final puzzle leads to the proposal.